Softening the Belt

Softening the Belt is an e-invite for people I codify as Men I Trust to share their belt stories with me as an act of speaking about that trust. The softening in the title of the project is about sharing stories that are other than ones situated in agressive acts that the artist has felt too connected to up unto this point in life.

This is an ongoing work that has already heard of the belt being lost and found, good belts, side belts and no belts. The long term goal of this project is to make an artwork from each person's story that explores the softening power of it, transforming the harshness of the artist's reality through coming together and sharing with each other.

The colour explosion of the belt is a celebration of the artists' love of colour and their perspective that colour as a way to lighten and brighten once trust has been established. This work is a celebration of being connected to those around you and sharing stories as a way of inter being.


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